Grand Canyon Suite oil on canvas, 1996, 6′ x 7′

Falling waters

my canyon heart

leap echoes from translucent stars—






“My mission is to wake people up to the beauty of our Earth, to fill them with curiosity to learn about the diverse and fascinating habits and customs of all living creatures and their habitats. It is about how to love and to know how much we all need each other.” – Adele Seronde









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Needing Time
This is the last blog I’ll be writing until the end of summer, as I need to make uninterrupted time for finishing my new book: “Pegasus: With Wings On Fire in Education”. Basically, I’m hoping to show ways we Americans can become a giving, caring society.  How can we manifest a vital, spiritual force that can transform our lives? I mean by spiritual: a force that creates a web of kindness... Read more
How to Learn With Joy
                Zoos Many schools are zoos ringed around with bars. The wild mind, whose tendrils reach into the universe          of stars   is hampered, curtailed by merciless rules. That study has failed to generate wisdom          in numerous schools   is proverbial. Our need is for dreams of living mind to be freed to range the wise-spreading... Read more
Be the Carriers of Change
If thought perches bird-like listen to song! Be happy and sing! I heard a voice that echoes around the world—Jean Houston’s clarion call. She asks for all of us to come alive, to hear, to feel the shift in consciousness, to know that we all, great and small, can be the carriers of change. How must we change? The list is very simple of things we need to do to find our hearts: the first i... Read more
The Power of Pegasus
Leap high beyond forests, ocean and clouds! winged horse of mind-lit flames. fly! Why did I pick Pegasus for my new book: Pegasus: A Life Force with Wings in Education? One -  because I love horses. Two - because he is a symbol to me of flying passion, of excitement, lightening, enlightenment - of everything we need in education today. In ancient Greek myths Pegasus was a special pet ... Read more
My Mission
How wake our hearts         to feel Earth alive?                              soar                   in high clouds                   with eagles? In 2008 when I wrote my book “Our Sacred Garden: the Living Earth” I found very few children or adults knew anything about gardening or about our Earth where almost all our fo... Read more
How to Make Education Fly
For the past two years I’ve been writing a book – along with about two hundred others – on what is now a favorite topic for really concerned people – EDUCATION! My title is Pegasus: A Life Force with Wings in Education, Pegasus is my muse – my lightning encouragement to wake up and fly, and it is a call to action.  The question I am exploring is:  – how do WE – yes WE THE HALF ASLE... Read more