Education: The Inner Light of Learning: Where is it today?

By Adele Seronde

Doree at Four by Adele Seronde, Sedona, ArizonaEducation?   –
What is it?
Where is it?
It’s a very hot topic in America today.

Finding that inner light in education, that is what more people need to discover. It’s like playing football without a ball. Everybody’s there on the field; two player teams lined up, the cheerleaders, referees and umpire, the fans—but no ball flying through the air, nothing to catch, nothing to hold on to.

Is it the same in schools? Great new buildings, buses arriving, administrators, janitors, secretaries, pupils sitting in long rows in every classroom, even a few underpaid teachers—but where’s the learning? Where is that incandescent flash that leaps through the mind when someone says, “Aha! I get it!” – that something which is a sense of exhilaration, of power and joy, which makes children so excited that they are moving, smiling, chatting, discussing and sharing what they’ve just learned?

Is it there? Yes, sometimes, in a teacher’s encouraging smile, in a friend’s hand, in a dandelion that has somehow broken through the concrete courtyard to smile at the sun…even in a completely memorized multiplication table!

There used to be unlimited opportunities to say “aha!” Field trips to the ocean or the mountains, or to factories or museums, walks in the meadows or streets outside school, finding a worm or a butterfly, being able to paint or sculpt in the afternoon, to dance, run, jump, or play, to sing together or alone.

Do they exist now?

What we do have today, if nothing else, is our obsession with reading, writing, arithmetic and AIMS testing.

Where is the circuit in the mind to make numbers glow that shows their inner connection and points to further circuits?

Where are the stories, fairytales and myths that are Christmas tree lights in the mind, sparkling pathways to the stories of life?

Will our children use their hands to draw the printed or cursive writing, which fixes the artists way of seeing in the mind that allows the mind to light up the fingers of imagination?

We do have computers. We do have the Internet, Kindles, smart phones, almost every unique mind-blowing attraction (and distraction) known to mankind.

Yes, the technology gives us fantastic innovations, but it is still a TOOL. One can reach out for every sight, every fact in the whole world but one still needs the inner connection that enables one to use all that information. We still need to find and use our bodies, our senses and our unique inner light.

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