Needing Time

This is the last blog I’ll be writing until the end of summer, as I need to make uninterrupted time for finishing my new book: “Pegasus: With Wings On Fire in Education”. Basically, I’m hoping to show ways we Americans can become a giving, caring society.  How can we manifest a vital, spiritual force that can transform our lives? I mean by spiritual: a force that creates a web of kindness, beauty and love. Pegasus is simply a metaphor for such a fire of love. He has wings. You can ride him, fly with him over the whole world to find opportunities for doing some act of kindness for someone or something, for seeing beauty in someone’s expression or action, for seeing it in living creatures and plants, for feeling an overwhelming love and gratitude for being alive!


Pegasus can be the flame of desire to learn new things, for curiosity about your family, friends, your neighborhood, your potential dreams. Your education should support the dreams of your heart. Learning can be catalyzed by music, dancing or painting, in fact all the arts. We can become inspired by learning how things work or are put together, by memorizing poetry or by playing with numbers or ideas, by mastering the Internet or working with one’s hands to make things.


Education can become a moving, physical force which manifests as an adventure, as a sport, as a challenge to harness all one’s energies to rescue or save someone in danger. It can teach us how to ask questions, how to think for ourselves and not be influenced by cruelty or jealousy or anger or false propaganda. We can learn to use technology as a valuable tool, but not become dependent on it. We can seek an education of sharing ideas and passions, a “lateral” education where we learn to work with each other to jointly solve problems, share compassion and ways of serving, of becoming “sacred activists”. Andrew Harvey, the author of “Hope: a Guide to Sacred Activism” describes in compelling detail ways we can find our own sacred innate ability to serve each other, to realize our love of and responsibility to all living creatures, to the living Earth.


Thanks to all of you who have become my friends on Facebook or have tried to communicate through blogs on my website. Please forgive me for not actively responding—I feel I need what time I have left to finish this book.

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