Education With a Vision

In this time of holidays many people feel as if we’re going into the dark ages – not only our usual chaos of traffic, shopping, gifts, etc. but also our political crisis.

Education, which reflects the national divisions, will soon realize the full extent of its own battleground. President Elect Trump is proposing a full out war to close public education. To turn whatever schools are left into charter or private schools funded by profit, driven by corporations. Since the country is losing growing numbers of trained good teachers, they would be replaced with untrained, lower priced teachers.   We would surely be rewarded with more of the kind of complacent ignorance that is dominating our education now.

But…take heart!

Catastrophe always breeds new opportunities for courage, new ideas of how to change, new methods of training and acting. There is a huge opportunity now that we are waking up to what is needed, to plan a vision of the kind of education we need to enable us to encourage learning based on the wisdom of Lincoln’s, of Shakespeare’s, of the Dali Lama’s – of the best in America.




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