Our Schools Need Changing

Whatever happens in this next year, as I’m sure we’ll get a fore-taste on January 20, our schools still need changing. Not changing from public to charter, but changing in quality. They need new attitudes, thoughtful goals.

Our children need safety at school: From physical danger, from hunger, from bullying.

They need to have inspiration at school: Freedom to develop curiosity about things that interest them, and ability to follow their curiosity to make discoveries.   They need to be surprised or awed by beauty, by adventures.

Children need space and time at school: Space to move, the change position, to exercise. They need time, time to think or dream, time to finish up a project or problem.

They also need discipline: Not obsolete rules or punishment, or time out but hard work, work that demands attention and real effort, which when successfully done, gives the pride and happiness.


Most of all children need support: love from parents, brothers and sisters, relatives, communities.


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