(Jan 21, 17)


What happened today

is incomparable:

the largest human gathering the earth

has ever known.

Or seen.

Or felt.

But who could weigh its heart?

Only God.

God, by whatever name

or presence revealed-is manifest.

is here.

he, who inhabits Cosmos

in our stars, our soils, our heart,

invades out lives

insinuates into our inner ears

of long deaf-mutes

a living song-imbuing hate with joy

as deep into our lungs

as breathing.

he lives in our awakening limbs

as awareness

that unites all distraught, divisive fear

into one fragrant flowering

of love.

What happened today gives us positive hope that we can now talk to each other as friends, as Americans who can share ideas, problems, and actions to help heal ourselves and our Earth.

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