Living Medicine

Living Medicine:


for life’s well-being

held in reverence


In this time of great divisiveness and uncertainty, I try to think of the most inspiring people I know and their stories as a bulwark against depression.

One of such people is a medical doctor; still amazingly active in her ninth decade of life, and considered the founder of holistic medicine, Dr. Gladys McGarey of Phoenix, AZ. Raised in India by medical missionary parents, she is a gracious and knowledgeable healer and teacher of “living medicine,”

In an interview with her she explained:

“Living medicine is a concept, the focus of which is on life and living, not on death and disease. The focus is on the patient, not the disease. The idea is the physician within heals the patient.

Too often a physician clears a disease or simply its symptoms, and not necessarily the patient.

As people are taking personal responsibility for their well being, the doctors are becoming more as support people within a healing process.

My hope is that the feminine face of medicine emerges again activating the art of medicine as the healing process.

In other words, the right hand and left hand need to work together.

The right hand is the art of medicine, the feminine intuitive side of medicine; focused on healing while using all tools available, alternative or conventional.

The right hand and the left hand must communicate, this is not about modalities but exercising the art of medicine with the focus on the patients wellness.”

*Quoted from my forth-coming book: “Pegasus With Wings on Fire in Education.”

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