“What can I do?”

After the excitement and surging outcry of the Women’s March, many of us have been wondering, “What can I do?” How can I keep the joyful momentum going, really seeing and listening to what s happening today and being willing to, and knowing we can change things for the better – how? (For me poetry is the first step…)

Let me start again


Look to tomorrow’s child!

He or she stands as embodiment

Of life’s hope

For Earth’s healing.


Some immediate ways of helping today’s children are portrayed in this story of the Orchard School in Vermont. In the summer of 2016 its Principle, Mark Trifilio, discussed with his 40 educator’s whether they could lighten the burden of homework for their K-5 grade students by an experiment “stopping all homework in every grade and asking students to read on their own at school – or, if they were not ready to read on their own, to do it with a parent or guardian.” To his surprise all 40 of his teachers voted yes! These were the new daily assignments to his pupils:




Read books you really like every night

Go outside and play – games and hikes, fishing and swimming – have adventures

Sit down and eat with your family, discuss things and help with the cleaning and washing dishes.

Get a good night’s sleep.


This experiment gave the children time to dream and think and follow their curiosity.

Read more about this experiment and its success here:


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