The Journey of The Magi

  Florence- Italy-Palazzo -Riccardi -Medici

The Journey of the Magi

By Adele Seronde

In Florence, Italy, in the Palazzo Riccardi Medici, there is a wondrous painting of dazzling colors by Bennozzo Gozzoli, called The Procession of the Magi.  It covers three walls of a high-ceilinged room and it portrays the Three Wise Kings, who following a radiant star, shining above a humble stable in Bethlehem, to find the new King, Jesus.

Each of them: Casper, Melchior and Balthazar, is dressed in his particular finery: entwined turbans, embroidered capes or cloaks, and with jeweled crowns on their heads, riding their bedecked camels.

Following them is a magnificent cortege of courtiers, carriers, guarding soldiers, pages, astrologers-guides, all spangled in scarlets and purples, golds and ochres, royal blues and oranges- raiments of a painter’s delight. There are also prancing horses, pack mules and more camels laden with tents and bedding, water jars and cartons with mysterious contents. Continue reading

Healing The Great Divide

4 directions

As we near this fateful election day of November 6, 2012, we need to make some real choices about issues—no matter which candidate wins. Our country is painfully divided—we need to stop our own divisive thoughts and actions and exert ourselves to rebuild confidence in ourselves and in the leaders whom we elect.

We are divided over:

  • Jobs: complain, or see what is needed to do.
  • Our economy: spend more or save?
  • National debt: incur more or less, tax more or less.
  • Resources: consume or preserve?
  • Environment: destroy or heal?
  • Sustainability: depend more on imports, depend more on ourselves?
  • Education: endless rote and testing, or freedom to use all senses, learning to think.
  • Human rights: exploit or reject.
  • Attitude: closed or open minds and hearts. Continue reading

Budget Override by Adele Seronde


Education is everyone’s business. It’s not just about what we absorb or fail to learn in school, but how we learn things in life; what questions we ask. What is most important for each of us to experience? What do we really want our children to know…to love…to be?

In Sedona we have a new superintendent of schools of the Sedona-Oak Creek Unified District #9- David Lykins. He not only cares about what we teach in school, but how we teach it. His most important things to learn in life are passion and compassion- his optimism is contagious. Those should be the keynote words for all of us as teachers, parents, administrators, and citizens. And he recognized that there are many limitations to what out schools can offer, because of a lack of state and federal funds. But there is much that we can do! Continue reading

Where Is Nature?


In today’s void…

What learning is needed?

Who will care that earth survives?

Do we look outside from windows of our soul to ask: What is happening today? What are we doing to our Earth?

Are we trying to play God?

Where are the rainforest trees?

Are they disappearing into the testing papers (…for a million students) in triplicate? For a billion printed-out e-mails, corporate transfers, mortgages?

Are our waters, lakes, and rivers, oceans, filling with garbage, fears, and greed?

Our souls?


How will we eat one day soon, when seeds that are tampered with, sterilized and altered for corporate greed are all that are left to plant?

The Soul of Education

Kinship by Adele Seronde, Sedona, Arizona

I believe that true learning has a soul.

It has a spiritual center that inspires us to love, trust, and wonder!

We are curious to observe and really see what is alive, moving, and exciting around us. Who are we and what do we love doing?  What do we know about our bodies?

Can we run and jump, swim and dance? Can we paint and sculpt, sing, or make sounds with different instruments. Continue reading

Vision at the Far Edge



“In most of us there is the capacity for powerful intuition, artistry and a depth of feeling that needs to be awakened and nurtured, to feel the light, the radiance of an idea, pouring through. Shamans, artists, poets, musicians, painters and all people touched by grace hold the wisdom of the past and the future in their visions. Encourage them to project their knowledge to quicken the spirit and vision in all of us.” Continue reading

Adele’s Newest Book Published!

After twenty years of sporadic writing, three wonderful editors helped me to shape and finish this book: Our Sacred Garden — The Living Earth. It offers means of fostering hope in the face of disastrous environmental crises. It is an exploration of the symbolic and actual meaning of gardens as a microcosm of our Earth but it is not a “how-to” book. There is an enormous selection of informative, beautifully illustrated garden books which answer questions I do not even ask!

~Adele Seronde

Order at Sanctuary Publications.