The Healing Tree

trees-at-the-lake-adele-seronde-sedona-arizonaOn Valentine’s Day this year, a group of us gathered together in a ceremony to plant a “healing tree.” Our tree was a pomegranate.  It was planted to offer a living prayer in memory of the innocent people who were wounded and murdered in Tucson, Arizona. President Obama came to Arizona to console the families of the dead and to urge us all to believe in our capacities to heal and to be civil toward each other in spite of our diverse opinions.

One of the survivors, a congresswoman named Gabrielle Giffords, has a good friend, Annie Lloyd, president of the Fusion Foundation. Annie initiated the Healing Tree program, a precedent for future Valentines Days, to bring communities together to heal divisive opinions and to work together on projects to bring good to all of us.

So all over Arizona, in school yards and university commons, public and private places, Arizonans planted “healing trees.”

We need these trees across the whole country.


My New Career – by Adele

At last count about five decades of my life have revolved around five children, eleven grandchildren, ten greats and another five great-greats. This makes me at once happy and gloomy. You see, I’d majored in art and poetry in college—and followed theatre everywhere- but creative moments for me as an actor had become the stuff of dreams. As a result, I had become convinced that I was forever burdened by the belief that I had a lost career, a lost passion. Why, hadn’t I performed as a splendid Caliban in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” leaping out at my best friend, Prospero? Too, didn’t I play the prince in “Socar and the Crocodile,” made my own kilt and a wig of black paper strips. When, at the height of my one speech, my kilt fell off—well, I rallied like a trooper when my worst enemy was laughing in the audience. So angry was I that I hauled up my kilt, turned my wig around so that I could see, finished my speech and marched off the stage. Continue reading