My name is Adele Seronde, and I come from a long line of painters, weavers, woodworkers, and poet, so it is no surprise Adele Serondethat I am both painter and poet, as well as a community and environmental activist. My family has been, and still is, central to my life. During my marriage and upbringing of our five children, I learned how to work in short, intense phases of concentration. As most of my childrem and 11 granchildren have inherited the family art talents, we know that art is important to all of us.

I have had numerous solo exhibitions in this country and in Italy, mostly landscapes in oil on canvas. I do some portraits as well, and I love pastels as a kind of visual poetry, but my frustration with my watercolors incites me to rage!

When our oldest son had trouble learning to read, I started writing children’s poetry to stimulate use of phonics. My husband taught our second boy to read with a French phonics primer, and in a month he was transposing what he learned into English!

I wrote adult poetry, published in a book titled Deliver into Green. Also I have been a joint contributor to a number of poetry collections. I am now learning how to be a performance poet.

I have just finished my book, Our Sacred Garden —The Living Earth, which you can order here. In today’s world of almost overwhelming ecological disasters, I urge the garden as both a symbolic and an actual way of changing and healing ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

Adele Seronde - Long-time Sedona artist becomes author - Sedona Red Rock News December 2010