Now is the time

for green chakra’s vision

buried in heart




Love for many forms of creation can come to us. One can be overwhelmed by the intrinsic beauty of nature: trees, flowers, water. An artist must become passionate about his means of creating — a dance, a sculpture or painting, the magic of words, or other forms.

One can admire and respect the potent grace of animals, a horse’s arched neck and tail, an elephant’s or a leviathan’s strength, a tiger’s catapult spring on prey! We can become enamored of domestic animals: we make pets, cows or goats, birds, dogs, cats. For some elderly people these pets can become a lifeline to living.

Once, as a child, I fell in love with a tiny hare (slightly larger than a rabbit). Its mother had been killed by our dogs. I rescued the baby in time, fed it milk from a doll’s nursing bottle. For a whole summer this little rabbit hopped around after me, rode in my outstretched hands, and learned to eat grass and choice vegetables.

One horrible day, our dogs did kill it. I cried for days.

Other objects of love can be a favorite tree, a mountain, a stream or waterfall. We can even fall in love with the very process of creating. Each manifestation of this loving surge can empower and revitalize us.

We need to take hold of this vital energy and learn to envision how to love our Earth and ourselves.