High Tides

High Tides

Once more the tides are rising

in the empty estuaries

of my being.

They have an oceanic portent

reflect the sun

in trillions of opalescent particles—

fractile light delivered

to each capillary blood river—

at high noon.

Will they bring—these tides–

minute crustaceans from the sea-edge:

plankton, protozoa, krill—

leviathan richest diet—

will they bring—these tides—

composted floating wisdom

of all waters’ living

into my heart?

These are the moon-tides too,

which, in old age, seem humongous—

a vast tsunami

of conflicting winds and waves.

And yet, what is the inherent purpose

of this planet’s seas

if not to surround, infuse and nurture

all incipient life?


Dark Seas