Color leaps out blindfold from my blood,

hears its echo


down the cataract steeps, the redwall, black schist

and deep lava of my life.

I am suspended above whole rainbows

And watch myself distilled


in each spangled pool of starred nights

and in gold-orange aura of new days.

This is the fracturing of my bones

this prism of light

into greens where leaf-forms tremble and breathe,

blues iridescent in wings

caught in the rainforest dusk

(before tomorrow’s fire smokes the dawn),

wide purples and mauves of canyons in shade

which dwarf willows

silvered and turquoise in my hand.

this Southwest is contrasting laughter,

is pleasure, quintessential exuberance of paint,

is surprise.

This energy, flamboyant and piquant,

punctures my mind-vein and flows


as firethorn, quickwater tidalchange,

as pure meteor to the brain.