Miracle of Existence

The Miracle of Existence

The miracle of existence is falling in love.

In English the word “love” has many meanings: lust, friendship, agape or charitas. In most other languages it carries many words, many shades of meaning. I like to think that we, too, in America, can discover these multiple nuances of the inner light that can transform us.

Most of us know lust, a form of craving whether it is for sex or money, for personal power or fame, we are avid to clutch it, to wallow in its illusory riches. It can become an addiction, a habit we constantly use and abuse. We know only too well its abuses: rape, domination of people or natural resources, perversion, invasions of mankind’s soul!

On the other hand, love can be a deliriously exciting and necessary part of a radiant sexual union. When it is not flaunted casually but entered into with spontaneous pleasure by both parties, it is the central inducement to recreation of our human species.

At its deepest level, love can mean the unselfish love of one person for another with no expectation of personal gain.

Most often, we experience falling in love as opening the heart, mind and soul to an intense caring.